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Embraced by two limitless cosmos, the liminal being is never entirely apart, but not quite together. Just intrinsically entangled.

At the heart of Marta Feyles’ practice is an exploration of physical and psychological proximity and distance. Entanglements, also known as ‘grovigli’ in her native Italian tongue, are a key device in her work through which she delves into concepts of geographic displacement, borders, perimeters, and boundaries. 


Using string, paper, film, and found objects, Marta creates intricate sculptures, drawings, and mixed media installations that use her personal experiences as a starting point from which to explore notions of quantum entanglements and networkism. 


Drawing on her family life growing up in Italy and the uprooting that occurred when she moved to the UK, she enacts crafts and trades that are nested in memories of home, play, family, and loss.  The strict religious rites and the symbolism of her Catholic upbringing inform her approach as she strives to overcome the physical impossibility of compressing time and geographical space. Marta describes this process as her own Ariadne’s thread: a game in which gaps, voids, and liminalities become generative forces in themselves, manifesting in complex, votive, and intimate works.


B. 1995. Turin, Italy.

Lives and works in Penzance, Cornwall, UK.

Permanent resident at Mishmash Tattoos Studio


2022 BA (Hons) Drawing, Falmouth University

2020 BTEC Higher National Diploma, Art and Design, Penwith College

2019 BTEC Higher National Certificate, Art and Design, Penwith College

2018 Access to Higher Education Diploma, Creative Arts, Penwith College

2014  High School Diploma, Science and Sport, N. Bobbio, Carignano, Italy


2022 Delineation, Undergraduate Degree show, Falmouth University


2019 Lost Again, Circa 21, Penzance


2018 Blue Life, Redwing Gallery, Penzance


2018, 2019, 2020 Summer showcase, Penwith College


2023 Longing: a la distansa e tuti i so amis, Jupiter Gallery, Newlyn




2022 Graduate Start-Up programme, Cultivator Cornwall

M.Feyles polaroid.tif

© Mark Pearson

Porthmeor print workshop_1

Naomi Frears' Monoprint workshop at Porthmeor Studios, St Ives

© Alice Robinson-Carter, 2023

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