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Older work

I would consider these pieces as the first stepping stones in my artistic academic journey. Through Foundation, BTEC HNC and HND in Art and Design at Penwith College, PZ, I had the opportunity to discover a range of themes and techniques. Towards its conclusion, I became more aware of my interest in the human experience of angst, hopelessness and sorrow; a conflict between our inner scape that doesn't reflect the outer sphere of existence. The creative process aimed to a cathartic occurrence culminating with imagery that sought for a temporary respite for oneself.


Reverberations and here I stand

Final project for the HND course.

The pandemic hit us hard. As the surrounding noise went quiet, there was no hiding. I thought to be just sitting in silence.


Frammenti di un fragile essere

Interim self-directed project. The ritualistic repetitions of onychophagia, as a OCD behavioural pattern, have been juxtaposed to a set of periodic techniques and marks to produce a difference in outcomes.


Lo sforzo del voltar pagina

Project in response to the given theme Transformation: Figure and Form. Drawing inspiration from James Joyce's Dubliners and Heraclitean flux, I investigated figurative transitions between paralysis and epiphany. 


Mea Culpa

A mindscape arguing indexical traces of a rite in Catholic orthodoxy named Confiteor, characterised by the strike with a closed fist of one's own chest three times.

Mea Culpa



Self-directed projects during the Foundation year for the painting modules.  Learning to translate aspects of selfhood through symbolism, aesthetic and abstraction.  


New Memories

Self-directed project during the Foundation course for the photography module. Recreation of some images taken by Francis Frith between the mid 19th and 20th century of four surrounding towns through digital means.


New Beginnings

Directed project during the Foundation year for the photography modules.

"A man travels the world over in search for what he needs, and returns home to find it." _George Moore_

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